Sinners, come worship at the altar of KeN!

KeN is a unique blend of musical styles and influences created by an uncommon assembly of musicians. Their common goal is a raw natural desire to kick some rock and roll ass. Influenced by waning moons, booze, the concept that music is math, and the urban Philadelphia shadows, KeN channels the grit and spit to shape their song concepts in the cauldron of their original brand of rock.

KeN's long hallowed history has included shows with such greats as the Psychedelic Furs, Mike Watt, Alice Donut, The Makers, Scrawl, Jenny Toomey, Kimya Dawson, Burning Brides, Capitol City Dusters, Ida, Kabochak, and Ben Folds Five. The unique brand of KeN rock has been described as "sweetly bitter punk love anthems" (Jill McDowell, Philadelphia Weekly); "estro-gin power collective" (Joey Sweeney, Philadelphia Weekly); "straight-up-shoot-from-the-hip-rock-outfit" (Julie Gerstein, Philadelphia Weekly); "a strange world where everything sounds fine and its OK to fly off the handle" (Eric Wareheim, Rockpile); and "Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! With a capital A, A, A!!" (Alex Baker, artist, skate punk and Philly man-about-town).

After ten years of supporting and rocking the Philadelphia local music scene, KeN released their first full-length CD, Parade of Sinners, in July 2005. Recorded July 2003 with Brian McTear at Miner Street and mixed and mastered in February 2004 with Pete Rydberg at 1935, the CD is a non-stop powerful force of nature. In November 2006, KeN's Parade of Sinners won "Best Punk Album of the Year" at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards out in Los Angeles!

KeN latest album, Silky Smooth Destruction, was released in 2008.

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